About Pawfection

Meghann; Owner, Groomer, Puppy Lover

Originally from the rolling countryside of New Hampshire, my love for animals started at a young age as I was blessed to grow up with both dogs and horses.  As an adult my original main career focus was on the Equine industry, and since 2004 I have lived in 9 US states to work with a variety of competition horses.  I’ve had the incredible opportunity to show groom/clip some of the top horses in the country — from New Hampshire to Florida!  In 2014 my first dog of my own came into my life — and that changed it all!

Since his arrival my passion for dogs has grown immensely, and I am beyond thrilled to expand my knowledge and to share my passion and professionalism for animals with the dog grooming industry.  I am a Certified Dog Groomer, trained and Certified Pet CPR/First Aid, and a member of the National Dog Groomers Association Of America.  Additionally, I have won Dan’s Best Of The Best grooming awards, and have had the pleasure of grooming winning show dogs in the AKC show rings. It is my personal promise to always be educated, well informed on recent grooming techniques, and have your dogs personal health and well being as my #1 priority.

I offer in-your-home (house call) grooming on the eastern end of Long Island, available to dogs 30 pounds and under.  If you have multiple dogs, one of which is over the limit, please contact me and I will be glad to try and work something out to have all your four legged family members pampered in a single visit!  Curious as to how house call grooming works?  Continue enjoying my website to learn more about this amazing (and surprisingly clean!) convenience.


Why House Call Grooming?

One-on-one attention, convenience, less stress, no cages!  What could be better than that?!  By grooming in your home I am able to build a relationship and a trust with your pet, which helps overcome the anxiety many dogs express being groomed!  Since I come to you, no more car rides for Fido or waiting around for a phone call all day from your groomer.  In many cases, the common stresses that are often displayed by your pet at salons can be reduced, or even eliminated.

What Makes Me Different?

Animals have always been a complete passion of mine, and to excel in your pets comfort is my #1 priority.  Many “budget groomers” rush through dogs, adding stress and anxiety to their experience.  Not me!  Attending school, apprenticeship hours, and constantly learning new styles to make your pet look his or her best is my goal all while making them comfortable.  Your four legged family member will receive the one-on-one attention he or she deserves!

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Grooming Services

The Pawfect Spa Groom

Grooming package pricing is based on size, length of coat, condition of coat, temperament, and complexity of cut and style.  Due to the many deciding factors, it is difficult to give an exact price quote. The best we can provide you with is a base price as a guideline.  Please note that all prices are estimates only, and are based on dogs that are groomed regularly (4-8 weeks).

The following services are offered to pamper your pup in his grooming visit:

  • Nail trim
  • Paw pad hair removal
  • Sanitary trim
  • Ear cleansing & ear hair plucking if needed
  • Cleansing bath using aromatic and indulgent deep cleansing shampoos from Les Poochs.  Shampoo is chosen to best suit your pets needs
  • Second wash with a Les Poochs Conditioner or Les Poochs Color Enhancing Shampoo
  • Warm hand fluff dry
  • Full body brush out
  • Professional cut and style
  • Finishing spray to keep the coat feeling silky smooth and tangle free
  • Spritz of a long-lasting fragrance to keep your pet smelling stunningly fresh
  • Bandanas, hair bows, or other special finishing touches to make your pet look just as good as he feels
  • Dogs under 10lbs: Starting At $80
    Breed Examples: Yorkshire Terriers, Toy Poodles, Papillon
  • Dogs 10- 20lbs: Starting At $90
    Breed Examples: Shih Tzus, Cavalier King Charles, Lhasa Apso
  • Dogs 20- 30lbs: Starting At $100
    Breed Examples: West Highland Whites, Scottish Terriers, Mini Doodles
  • Face, Feet, And Fanny: Starting At $50
    This service exclusive only to regular clientele, and includes a bath, blow out, ear cleaning, nail trim, and scissoring and/or clipping of the dogs face, feet, and sanitary areas.  This does not replace a full groom, but is a great “in between” service if your pup is beginning to look rough around the edges.
  • Free Travel
    Coram, Rocky Point, Middle Island, Manorville, Yaphank, Wading River, and surrounding areas.  Please contact for details.
  • North Fork Travel
    Riverhead – Mattituck : $10
    Mattituck – Southold: $20
    Southold – Orient Point: $30
  • South Fork Travel
    Westhampton – Hampton Bays : $30
    Hampton Bays – Sagaponack: $40
    Sagaponack – Montauk: $50

Additional Services

  • Allergroom Medicated Shampoo $10
    Allergroom is a veterinarian grade gentle, soap-free, hypoallergenic, emollient shampoo designed for frequent use on normal skin, dry skin, or allergy prone dogs.  This shampoo utilizes a unique combination of ingredients that help reduce bacterial and yeast adhesions.
  • Nail Dremeling $10
    Dremeling of the nails is great to round off the tips, thus preventing cracks and fraying in the nail. Also great for homes with hard wood flooring as this reduces the chances of nails marking the floor!
  • Dematting $10 – $30
    Price is based on severity of matting. Pawfection believes in “humanity before vanity”, and will recommend severely matted dogs to be clipped. A consultation will be provided.
  • Natural Aromatherapy $5
    These all natural aromatherapy oils are applied directly to the nose or muzzle, and are excellent for dogs suffering from anxiety.  These natural oils include Almond Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Orange Oil, Patchouli Oil, Ylang-Ylang, Tansy, and Neroli.
  • Nail Spaw $30
    This service is offered to any sized dog under 100 pounds, and is specialized care for their paws!  Nail Spaw includes nail trim, nail dremeling to round off rough corners, Paw Protectant balm to help sooth cracked paws and protect from hot asphalt, Nose Butter balm for a soft and kissable nose, and an ear cleaning! Nail Spaw can be an add on service for addition pets in your home, or can be a stand alone House Call service for your dog.  Proper nail trims are a part of life, schedule your large dogs Nail Spaw today!
  • Pawfect Portraits $40
    Meghann Belser of Pawfection is not only a professional pet groomer, but also an award winning pet photographer.  She is thrilled to offer exclusive discounted portrait sessions for customers, right in the comfort of your own home! Take advantage of your pups new hair cut, to also have some new portraits!  Arrangements for Pawfect Portraits must be made in advance.  Visit Meghann Leigh Photography for a full portfolio.

Adopt Love Discount

Have you recently adopted a new 4 legged friend? Pamper your new family member to a spa treatment at Pawfection and receive $10 off The Pawfect Spa Groom. Proof of adoption required.

Refer A Friend Discount

Refer 5 friends to Pawfection, receive 50% off The Pawfect Spa Groom for one of your dogs.

Dogs are miracles with paws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grooming salons today are seen everywhere, and because of this, the demand for dog groomers is especially high. But I didn’t want to be just another groomer, in just another shop, just around the corner. I aim to specialize in convenience; for you and your pet! House call grooming is a great way to have your pet groomed professional in the comfort of your own home, which is an added benefit for an elderly dog, nervous dog, or if you yourself have a difficult time getting your dog to the salon.
Shockingly, no! I use a state of the art system called “clipper vac”. This system is conveniently attached to my clippers, which then is attached to a small shop vac. So as I am clipping your pets hair, the hair isn’t going from the table to the floor, it’s going directly into the garbage! Additionally, this clipper vac system helps raise the hair off of your dogs coat as I am clipping, which provides a satin smooth finish to your dogs groom.  But don’t worry, a clean up process is done before leaving your home to ensure no stray hairs are left behind!
Straight out of the tub your dog will be dried with a “moisture magnet”, which is a special towel which absorbs excess water.  When all toweling is complete, a high velocity dryer is used to dry your dog. This dryer comes in two different speeds, and blows luke warm air. This dryer is not like the human blow dryer you would use on yourself, which has the motor attached to the cone which you are drying with. The high velocity dryer has the motor placed on the floor, with an extended arm to dry your pet. So no heat to cause burns, or sound in their ears to cause your dog any annoyance. This drying method can have your dog dry very quickly, anywhere from 5-20 minutes (depending on coat and size of dog).  Worried about your dog being bothered by the dryer?  No worries!  I am happy to outfit your dog with a “Happy Hoodie”, which is a snug and comfortable fabric band which fits around your pets head and ears.  The Happy Hoodie is a great tool in eliminating anxiety that may come from being dried.  
Elderly, absolutely! Elderly dogs often times are gems to work with, and they appreciate a good grooming to get their blood circulating well again. Very often you’ll notice your senior pooch jumping like a young pup again, he will feel so good! Some dogs can be difficult, but the deciding factor is “is your dog nervous?”, or “is your dog dangerous?”. For safety and insurance reasons, I will not put myself at risk with a dog who has a previous bite history with his/her groomer. If your dog is simply nervous, I will do my best to provide the highest quality clip in which your dog will allow me to do.  Should your dog become actively dangerous during his or her grooming session, it is up to my discretion on whether to safely finish the groom or not.  A minimum $25 fee will be incurred for travel if it is decided your dog is unfit to be groomed safely.  
Easily!  I have a custom made rolling bag in which I simply roll in to your home!  Inside of this bag has all of my grooming components including high velocity dryer, clipper vac system, and clippers needed.  Additional to my larger bag, I carry a small back pack with smaller items such as scissors, brushes, and your pups perfumes, bandanas and bows!  All I ask is you provide a location for me to groom in (generally a front foyer or kitchen), easy access to a power outlet, and a large enough sink to bathe your dog!  When I am complete, I simply roll everything right back out.  Baddabing, baddaboom!
If you aren’t sure about the weight of your dog, I go by the standard if your dog can fit in your kitchen sink or not.  As I use your kitchen sink for bathing your dog, if your dog does not fit in your sink, it’s safe to say he is too large for house call grooming. 
I try to be fair with all clients regarding cancellations, as life certainly does happen!  I ask for a minimum of a 72 hour notice of appointment cancellation, so I can have the opportunity to fill your appointment time with another client.  The first time you cancel with no notice, no fee is incurred.  However, your second no notice cancellation will incur an additional fee to your dogs grooming appointment, as well as future visits require pre payment. 
As much as I would like to help everyone at their convenience, generally I do have a small wait list for new clients.  Please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you as quickly as I can, however, there are never any promises for immediate openings.  As I come directly to your home, my schedule is not like that of a grooming shop. 
At this time my services are only available in your home.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! 

Dogs leave paw prints on your heart.

Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend, never owned a dog.

Contact Pawfection

Calverton, New York


Meghann is a wonderful dog groomer. She has a calm and patient approach with all animals and she is both professional and a bit of a perfectionist!  I would trust her completely with both my dogs; even my lab who is a little nervous. Meghann did gorgeous job on my Golden Retriever who hadn’t been groomed or clipped in ages. Thanks Meghann!
-Maureen, Cutchogue, NY

I wanted you to know how beautiful my “Sophie-Jane” looks. I had Miss Sophie for 7 years and always wanted to have her clipped but I was really afraid I wouldn’t like it.  Now– since you clipped her– I LOVE the way she looks.  I walk her every night and every night I get compliments on how cute my Sophie looks.  I think you need to make her your poster dog! Thanks again!
– Ginny & Sophie-Jane, Riverhead, NY

When my groomer moved, I had a really tough time finding someone who could properly clip my cocker spaniel. I ended up finding a great pet salon but my groomer was truthful in letting me know she did not know how to clip a cocker. In came Meghann to the rescue! I’ve known Meghann for many years through the horse industry but live 5 hours away in Massachusetts. When Meghann was going to be in the area for a dog show she told me to bring my dog and she would clip him as a guide for my groomer. She went above and beyond. Not only did she do a fabulous job fixing his clip but she gave detailed written instructions complete with a diagram and video clip of what to do! Using Meghanns instructions, my groomer was able to give my boy a beautiful haircut! If you want someone with skill, patience, and a real love for the business and your pet I cannot recommend Meghann enough!
– Jillian, Haverhill, MA